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John Thorsen Jr. joins Custom Flow Solutions

CFS is proud to have John join the team as head of Q/A and in charge of client relations John is an automation veteran who founded several companies such as TECSoft and Connected Hearth.

Hanaan Rosenthal speaks about publishing automation at MacWorld San Francisco Conference ’08.

“This was my fifth year of presenting at MW and it keeps getting better. Paul Kent does a fantastic job at making the speakers feel welcome and get the most out of their time at MacWorld.”

CFS automates Money and Markets graphs for The Associated Press

The Associated Press hired CFS to create an automated system to streamline the production of graphs for use by member organizations. “The match between The AP and CFS was a natural fit.” Says Hanaan, “The system was operational within two months and is now enabling The AP to produce a high volume of graphs in [...]

CFS automates The New York Times weather page for the four daily print editions

After tremendous success using HyperGraph, CFS’s automated layout system, for automating the charts and layout of the business pages for the daily paper, the system was adopted and is now used by The New York Times to automate the weather page for the four editions: New York, Boston, DC and National.

CFS updates it’s automated system at The Boston Globe to produce the year-end versions of the financial graphs

CFS updates it’s automated system at The Boston Globe to produce the year-end versions of the financial graphs printed in the daily paper. Given the flexible nature of the system, the updates were done in a short amount of time and ran flawlessly. “It’s always a challenge to create scripts that run only once a [...]

CFS creates a system for The New York Times that automates the creation of pages depicting the thousands of American casualties in Iraq

“This was by far the most emotional project I worked on. It almost felt wrong to automate it, but it was the only way The New York Times could have gotten it laid-out and printed on time.” Says CFS Managing Director Hanaan Rosenthal.

Hanaan Rosenthal, Principal at CFS, gets second edition of landmark “AppleScript” book published by Apress

Review: “The ‘Comprehensive Guide’ subtitle for this is an accurate description of the contents of this book. If you are interested in gaining a solid understanding of AppleScript and its use in the Mac OS X, buy this book. It jump starts your development activities and lays the foundation for a disciplined development style” Mike [...]

CFS automates the redesigned Money & Markets graphs printed in The Boston Globe

After working with The Globe for over ten years, CFS gets the call to automate the creation of the graphs printed in the Money & Markets section of The Boston Globe.

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