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CFS gets consulting contract with Macy’s NY

Custom Flow Solutions has started a catalog publishing automation consulting project with NY retail giant Macy’s. CFS will provide automation services as well as consult Macy’s on workflow, process automation and related issues.

CFS starts delivering financial graphics for Australian newspaper group APN

The Australian newspaper group APN has started printing financial layouts produced by CFS using Reuters data.

Custom Flow Solutions Announces Financial Services Charting Solution

(PROVIDENCE, RI…June 8, 2010) Custom Flow Solutions, LLC today announced the release of HyperGraph Financial, an information graphic automation solution geared specifically to the financial services sector.  HyperGraph Financial automates charting and layouts, and the generation of financial reports, profiles and product fact sheets on an as-needed or automatically scheduled basis. HyperGraph Financial instantly and [...]

CFS and Thomson Reuters to share booth at SABEW

Hanaan will join Jean-Francois Herutas of Thomson Reuters at this year’s SABEW conference in Pheonix

Custom Flow Solutions LLC now delivers financial graphics to Tribune Group papers

Custom Flow Solutions LLC starts delivery of daily financial graphics to Tribune Group papers including Chicago Tribune and LA Times. The product named Reuters Financial Infographics has been in operation since 2008 and now delivers graphics for printing in over ten million daily newspapers.

CFS and Reuters introduce Reuters Financial Infographics at SABEW

In a highly anticapated debut, Hanaan Rosenthal of CFS joined Bipasha Gosh, Reuters Global Director of marketing to introduce Reuters Financial Infographics to hundreds of financial newspaper editors.

CFS start delivering financial layouts to The International Herald Tribune

On February of 2009, IHT financial pages will include layouts produced by CFS’s automated server. The server will extract data from Thomson Reuters databases, produce three separate layouts and deliver them to IHT in a completely automated process. The layouts will be created three times a day to compliment IHT’s various international editions

Custom Flow Solutions Announces “HyperGraph” – Automated Print Media Graphing Software

HyperGraph, the software based on the reliable engine used by The New York Times, The Boston Globe and The Associated Press, is now branded HyperGraph. HyperGraph can be used to automate the creation of charts, pages or entire newspaper sections. HyperGraph is also available as HyperGraph Financial and is used to automate financial reports.

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