HyperGraph Financial

HyperGraph for Financial Services is designed specifically for financial reporting. HyperGraph for Financial Services automates charting and layouts, and the generation of periodical reports and product fact sheets.
HyperGraph for Financial Services instantly and accurately converts any data source into either print-ready or PDF reports and fact sheets with any type of infographics. HyperGraph for Financial Services is in use at Fidelity Investments and other financial institutions.
HyperGraph provides an end-to-end automation solution.

Design – HyperGraph works with your exising graphics and templates or we can design them for you.
Data sources – HyperGraph works with data from any provider such as Thomson Reuters, LIPPER, MorningStar and Bloomberg.
Data Formats – HyperGraph can crunch any type of market data in any format. XML, CSV, Excel, SQL – HG can process it.
Production – HyperGraph can be run locally on your own machines or hosted on our servers.
Output – HyperGraph can deliver infographics as PDF, EPS, Illustrator and tagged-text files as well as InDesign, QuarkXPress and CCI layouts. All output can be fully editable after automation is complete.
Interface – HyperGraph can be triggered locally or remotely using a web interface.
Support – HyperGraph comes with 24/7/365 support for your time and mission-critical workflow.



  • Flexible, powerful and simple interface
  • Customized to fit your specific designs, data and workflow
  • Can automate the creation of any graph or table imaginable
  • Supports any output format and file type
  • Complete activity and error logging


  • Complete graphing and financial reporting automated solution
  • Saves time and resources
  • Pages and graphs are print-ready and customizable
  • Creates accurate and consistent content (reduces human error)
  • Created and supported by infographic automation and design experts

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