Thomson Reuters Success Story

When Thomson Reuters decided to add print-ready financial infographics to their product offering to newspapers, they turned to the leading infographic design and automation solution provider – Custom Flow Solutions. Thomson Reuters worked closely with Custom Flow Solutions for a year to create Reuters Financial Infographics.

Reuters Financial Infographics is an automated, full-service solution created specifically for newspapers. It offers a new standard for presenting print-ready infographics, delivering quality, up-to-date visualizations of key financial news and data. Reuters Financial Infographics combines timely, comprehensive and accurate market data from Thomson Reuters, relevant and insightful Reuters company news briefs and market snapshots with tight, crystal-clear visual design. Delivered at the close of each business day, each infographic is customizable with a choice of page size, market focus, graphic style and color.

At the end of each market day Reuters captures an extensive set of US financial data and transforms it into crystal-clear, insightful visualizations of the day’s news. Reuters Financial Infographics are delivered directly to newspapers – print-ready – at the end of every business day, for next day publication.

Reuters Financial Infographics eliminates the need for installing and running graphics software in-house. With a high quality, finished product delivered directly from dedicated servers, Reuters Financial Infographics saves newspapers time and resources.

As a business development manager for the Reuters Agency, I am constantly exploring partnership opportunities with the many players competing in the content creation and media technology fields globally. In order to find my way through the plethoria of potential partners to the ones with whom Reuters will eventually engage on the long run, I set very high passing grades in the following three key areas:

1) Trust
2) Ability to constantly deliver on promises in a timely manner
3) Being one of the top 3 leading companies in the field

After more than one year of close collaboration with Custom Flow Solutions in the financial infographics field, I can say without hesitation that they deserve the highest marks in all aforementioned criteria.

1) A business partnership is built on trust, like a house on cement. Trust is what makes the whole enterprise hold together. Remove trust, and whatever you’ve built will collapse instantly. John Thorsen and Hanaan Rosenthal, who steer the CFS boat hold trust as sacrosanct. They are among the finest human beings that have crossed my way during my career in busniess development and I highly recommend them.

2) The ability to deliver on expectations all the time at the right time is paramount to bringing a business partnership from high level talks to concrete output. Commitments must be made and delivered against. CFS has done that 100% of the time since Reuters started doing business with them and it is this dedication that made our common project a success.

3) Trust and commitment are not much if skills don’t follow. In order to deliver a solution to the market that will wow your customers and make you the market leader, you need to work with the absolute experts in the industry. In the field of automation and infographics, Hanaan and John Caserta respectively, are amongst the 10 leading experts.

At the end of the day, a company’s overall quality is nothing more that the aggregation of the qualities of its individual members, and this blunt truth couldn’t benefit CFS more.”

Jean-Francois Huertas
Reuters Agency
Business Development Manager

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