Financial Graphics Solutions

 HyperGraph is our automation engine for creating and delivering print-ready financial infographics.  HyperGraph works with your existing data, graphics and templates.  The flexibility of the HyperGraph allows an operator to create standard and custom graphs as needed or on a scheduled basis.  HyperGraph can reduce production times from hours to seconds.

HyperGraph has been developed for these vertical markets:

  • HyperGraph Print Media automates infographics and even entire pages for newspapers and magazines.
  • HyperGraph Financial is our version of HyperGraph specifically tailored to producing Investor Reports, Corporate Communications and more.

Retail catalog solutions – call us to learn more about our solutions for automating the production of retail and other catalogs.  Watch as your catalog pages virtually create themselves.  Join JJill, The US Navy Exchange and others who use our automation solutions.

Custom development – contact us for custom solutions developed to exactly match your specific requirements.

Infographics sample designed and automated by Custom Flow Solutions, LLC

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