New York Times Success Story

In 2006 The New York Times made a decision to stop featuring stock listings in their print edition. In their place, the Times would feature two pages containing innovative, data-rich graphs, charts and tables. A market trends graph would compare the major markets head-to-head, mutual funds would be shown in a rotating graph, and 52 week highs and lows would be displayed graphically inside table listings, and more.

The 20+ graph designs were groundbreaking, but producing them manually every night would be impossibly time consuming. Furthermore, the source data was a combination of AP text files and Bloomberg Excel sheets, and the graph designs were beyond the capability of existing graphing software.

The New York Times turned to Custom Flow Solutions to implement HyperGraph, its flagship graphing automation engine. Using HyperGraph, the Times now creates its financial graphs, flows table text and populates its market data pages in InDesign templates – automatically. All graphs, charts, tables and pages are fully editable.

After nearly 3 years of solid service, an operator knocks out the two page business section in under three minutes every night, saving the Times hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, and allowing for flawless market graphic production night-in and night-out. Since deployment, CFS has also automated producing the Times’ weather pages.

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