Boston Globe Success Story

Wishing to sport a new look for their Sunday Money & Market section, The Boston Globe turned to Custom Flow Solutions to automate creating their financial market graphs and tables. Separate ready-for-print pages of the graphs and tables needed to be created for the Daily, Sunday and Monday print editions, with options for color and B&W, as well as for quarterly and annual editions. In all, twenty-four versions of the Money & Market pages were needed. Furthermore, The Boston Globe required 24 hour technical support with a 15 minute response time.

The Boston Globe licensed a customized version of CFS’s HyperGraph automation solution. The Globe now creates all graphs and tables for their business section in mere minutes, and multiple versions of pages are easy to create and manage. The flexibility of the HyperGraph system allows an operator to create custom graphs as needed, and to optionally upload the finished graphs to an FTP server where they are automatically placed in CCI. The system also features advanced activity and error logging.

In addition to having the graphs created nightly in record time, the Globe staff is assured that a CFS consultant is ready to answer the phone and help with any issue 24 hours a day.

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