HyperCatalog Sports

Hyper Catalog is the catalog and graphics automation installation that can make the most time-consuming aspects of your catalog production virtually disappear.
Building on over 16 years of experience in catalog-publishing automation, CFS is introducing HcS, or Hyper Catalog – Sports.
HcS is a collection of tools, database components, a web administration interface and an automation back end designed to take any sports related graphics or collection and crunch it out in minutes rather than days.

Your place or ours?

While we can deliver our software to your computers and install it at your location, we can also host and manage your automation system on our own servers. The process will still be used by your company only, but you will not need to train IT staff in supporting it and manage dedicated workstations to host it. We take care of everything.

HcS features

  • Daily or even hourly delivery of score sheets depicting sports matches
  • Produce product sheets for sports licensing products such as team caps and jerseys in a snap
  • Build complete product catalogs in minutes directly from data
  • Deliver your sports data to customers in graphical format
  • Produce Illustrator mechanicals automatically
  • Produce complete, error-free InDesign catalogs in minutes
  • Use any source of data for input: Excel, SQL, FileMaker, XML or even HTML

HcS benefits

  • Increase productivity by reducing errors and speeding up production
  • Pinpoint and open publishing production bottlenecks
  • Reduce lead time for production of graphics material
  • Increase your production bandwidth
  • Stop using artists to perform repetitive work
  • Maintain full control over the process with HcS admin interface and easy to read status logs
  • Flexible payments means that we can charge for the project over a long period of time, allowing you to pay for it as you enjoy the benefits rather than all at once

Next steps

Our consulting team will work with you to identify which components of HcS are best for you.
Our development team will then work with you to implement them to match your exact workflow and needs.
Download our consultant form here:

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