Fidelity Investments Success Story

Fidelity Investments’ creative department was responsible for creating sales presentations in PDF format. The work was mainly a manual process of creating long documents from individual slides, some stock – some custom, many of which contained graphs. Looking for ways the reduce stress of overworked employees, as well as the time it takes to generate the presentations, Fidelity contacted Custom Flow Solutions.

Custom Flow Solutions installed HyperGraph Financial, which automated much of the manual process involved in producing individual slides and in collecting slides for generating the final presentation.

After 6 months of using HyperGraph Financial, the workload was reduced so that two of the staff of seven previously devoted to creating the sales presentations were moved to other positions, while at the same time the number of presentations increased. The lead time for producing a presentation was cut by 50% and overall efficiencies were improved.

HyperGraph Financial at Fidelity was later customized to allow managers from around the company to enter quarterly data and to collect that data from an SQL database for us in creating their quarterly reports. HyperGraph Financial then generated the charts, placed them and the text into predefined page templates, and produced a PDF.

Using HyperGraph Financial to produce the quarterly reports had several positive implications. Since the data entered by managers was automatically transferred directly to the charts, human error in the production phase was eliminated.

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