Automating client presentations for a Major Financial firm

A major Boston financial services firm wanted to automatically collect complex data for tables, charts and outlines from hundreds of internal clients located in the company’s branches around the globe to produce complex presentations using InDesign Server and Illustrator. The finished print-ready PDF presentations needed to be delivered to the client within minutes without any human intervention. The system had to work 24/7 and produce documents in English, German and Japanese.

Custom Flow Solutions implemented HyperGraph Financial as a hosted solution for the document production. The system was configured to work on several Mac’s concurrently, which allowed for built-in load balancing and redundancy. The system was customized to build highly-specialized graphs and tables with tight typographic control in both Roman and Japanese characters. The web interface integrated the company’s SQL database with the production servers, and allowed clients to submit data in the form of templated Excel documents, as well as to be notified when the final PDF was complete.

The system is now producing thousands of charts, pages and presentations daily. By automating the process and allowing the clients to serve themselves, the system saves production staff hundreds of hours and lowers stress considerably during the quarter-end period.

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