Hanaan Rosenthal / Principal and Founder

    Hanaan RosenthalThe founder of Custom Flow Solutions, Hanaan started his media automation consulting firm in 1990.  Since then he helped reshape the workflow of numerous publishing companies creating systems that save their owners millions of dollars and thousands of hours annually.  Hanaan is the author of “AppleScript, A Comprehensive Guide to Scripting and Automation on Mac OS X” which was published in 2 editions, and the writer and publisher of Discovering Automator.  He is a speaker in MacWorld Expo and Seybold Seminars.  Hanaan and his wife, Johanne, home-school their two children, restoring their solar-powered Victorian home in Providence, RI, and driving their VW Beetle on used veg-oil.  In his spare time, Hanaan likes to pour concrete kitchens, sculpt, photograph and generally get into trouble in any way possible.

John Thorsen Jr. / Principal

    Hanaan RosenthalJohn Thorsen Jr. is the president and founder of TECSoft, the industry’s leading AppleScript training and development firm.  John has been delivering AppleScript automation seminars, training and solutions for over 17 years for clients such as Apple, Associated Press, Atlantic Records, Barrons, BMG, Citibank, Nikon, Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Sony Music.  John is a frequent speaker and presenter at MacWorld and Seybold and has spoken about AppleScript on behalf of Apple the world over.  John recently joined CFS to work with his longtime associate Hanaan Rosenthal in marketing its exciting HyperGraph solution.

John Caserta / VP, Information Design

    Hanaan RosenthalJohn Caserta received a B.A. in visual journalism in 1995 from The University of North Carolina and an M.F.A. in graphic design from the Yale University in 2004.  He is currently an adjunct faculty member and graduate thesis adviser in the graphic design department at The Rhode Island School of Design.
    John has worked in the field of information design for more than 15 years.  Initially creating explanatory graphics for top newspapers, he was an early and influential proponent of rich media content during the Web 1.0 era from 1995 to 2000.  At the beginning of this period, he worked as design and photo director for The Chicago Tribune Company’s set of Web sites.  After three years in Chicago, he spent one year overseas in Italy, then Cambodia.  During this time, he created Survey 2000, assembling responses to a turn of the century sociological piece for National Geographic Online.  Additionally he photographed, reported and designed an online feature on the 25th anniversary of the fall of Saigon for The New York Times on the Web.
    In May 2000, he was hired to lead a staff of seven designers as creative director for Quokka Sports in San Francisco.  The group originated and produced content modules for NBC Olympics in Sydney, and the NCAA Final Four.  Projects included graphical recreations of swimming and sprinting events, data visualizations of weightlifting statistics and live viewer prototypes.
    He has lived and worked in Providence since September 2005.

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